Trial Info

Classes in a NADAC Trial


Regular is a numbered course that may include any of the acceptable NADAC equipment.  It is typically run forward, Regular 1, and then again backward, Regular 2.

Touch and Go

 The Touch N Go class is a numbered course comprised of contact obstacles, tunnels and hoops


The Jumpers class is a numbered course that consists of jumps and 1-2 tunnels.



The Chances class is a numbered course that could have any of the acceptable obstacles listed in the NADAC equipment list. The goal of this class is to test the distance, directional and discrimination skills of the team.


The Tunnelers class is a numbered course using only tunnels. NADAC Doesn’t used the closed tunnel or chute, like other venues.

This class demonstrates a dog’s ability to respond quickly to directional commands.


The Weavers class is a numbered course comprised of tunnels, hoops, and weave poles.The goal of the Weavers class is to demonstrate the dog’s ability to correctly enter weave poles at a variety of angles and at greater speeds than required in the Regular Agility class.

Intro Class-the dog will complete one short set of weave poles.

Novice Class-the dog will complete 3 short sets of weave poles.

Open Class-the dog will complete three sets of weave poles- one long, and two short.

Elite class- the dog will complete 3 long sets of weave poles.



The Hoopers class is a course as designed by the handler to demonstrate the dog’s ability to follow directional tests upon the direction of the handler.

The goal of Hoopers is to demonstrate the team’s ability to handle and communicate effectively while the dog runs through a course consisting entirely of hoops.


The Barrelers class is a class run with barrels, hoops and tunnels. An efficient path around a barrel is set with whiskers in the running surface indicating a 7 foot diameter circle around teach barrel.