Wall of Fame

January 22, 2017 Team Theisen received GDAC’s Award of Excellence from Judge Marj Vincent for Maggie’s positive support of her dogs in the ring! Pictured are Teo, Machete and Niko

Flurry Natch 7

Team Flurry earned Natch 7 at the Otis Orchards, WA Trial on June 5, 2016

Bailey 1000 Pts

Bailey earned her 1000 Lifetime points at the Got Dog Trial on April 23, 2016.

Team Flurry V NATCH 5

Team McFlurry V Natch 5 November 2015

Noot NATCH 1 and V-NATCH 1

Team Noot Natch and V Natch Copper Paws Trial September 2015